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Around the world, companies have been supplementing their power systems with clean, renewable solar energy. It is a fantastic way to lower the carbon footprint and energy usage of almost any business. That being said, there are steps that need to be taken to ensure that the panels are working at their highest efficiency.

Over time dust, debris and other environmental contaminates settle on solar panels and create a layer of film. This film effectively blocks sun light from reaching the solar cells and therefore lowers the capacity in which the panel can absorb energy. Lower capacity means less power is stored and a higher use of electricity. 

It is a common misconception that rain will clean solar panels, but it won't, rain will actually make it dirtier. Rain carries with it dust and dirt particles that stick to the panel, much like an unwaxed car. Over time these particles build up and regular cleanings are needed to remove it and allow the panel to function normally.

Orchem offers affordable cleaning services to keep your solar energy system operating at its best. Whether your facility has 100 or 10,000 panels, our team of professionals has you covered. Pricing varies by condition, location and number of panels.

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Orchem offers a variety of industrial cleaning and sanitizing services that don't fall into standard categories. From cleaning water fountains at a children's hospital, to removing scale build-up in a steam generator, or even treating a casino water system for bacteria, we've seen and done just about everything. If you have a project that requires a special touch, let Orchem come up with a custom solution that is right for you. 

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