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Not all water is created equal. Many variables can affect the quality of any water source and it can quickly become hazardous for humans and animals, if not maintained properly. Environmental and biological contaminants can cause dangerous bacteria and diseases to be present in almost any type of water system. This can include cooling water, potable and utility water, water fountains and even in drinking water. Some bacteria, such as Legionella, can cause severe illness and even death if ingested. Some places, like New York City, have gone as far as to implement laws regarding water sanitation.

At Orchem, we take water safety very seriously and we believe having a treatment plan in place to properly eradicate these bacteria is extremely important for any facility. We offer a wide array of customizable solutions through our water treatment program. Whether you need short term remediation or long term strategies, we can help you to keep your water clean and safe.

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Potable and utility water, sometimes called domestic water, is the water system that feeds the faucets, showers and utilities in any building or facility. These water systems can be at great risk for harmful bacteria, including legionella. Legionella can infiltrate municipal water supplies or be spread due to pipe failures or construction projects. Once inside your system, these bacteria will continue to grow and expand, making the risk of exposure exponential over time.

Due to the nature of the industry, hospitals and healthcare facilities are at a particularly high risk for outbreaks and infections caused by waterborne bacterial and fungal pathogens. Buildings such as apartments, assisted living centers and hotels also see a higher chance of exposure due to the sheer volume of water and high number of access points in the system.

Routine Legionella testing and monitoring is recommended to maintain safe water systems and allows for early identification of any contaminants. Once a problem is identified, Orchem can create a custom water management plan that can be used to disinfect your domestic water system and lower the risk of harmful bacteria. Most systems require only short-term remediation, such as hyperchlorination, but that is not always the case. Follow up monitoring and testing is always suggested to determine if supplemental disinfection or long-term control solutions are necessary.

Let Orchem help you keep the water in your building safe.

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