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Our Mission

At Orchem Pumps, we are passionate about what we do and strive for perfection. Our focus from day one has always been on building lasting relationships with our clients. We achieve this by providing affordable services that never compromise on safety or quality. As a small business enterprise, we are able to dedicate more time to our clients and have an attention to detail that will keep your facility functioning properly. At Orchem, we are dedicated to delivering work that will exceed your expectations.

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At Orchem, safety is of the utmost importance not only for us but also for everyone we work with and bystanders that may be nearby. We take safety into account for everything we do and at times we may change our approach to work, equipment usage or even personnel if required to maintain a safe worksite. It is our number one goal to project safety and provide a safe work environment for everyone.

All Orchem personnel follow Osha guidelines and use all appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) when necessary. This includes the use of safety glasses, hearing protection, hard hats, protective clothing, safety harnesses and masks or respirators.

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Orchem Pumps was founded in the city of Philadelphia, Pa in 1926 by the Orlich brothers and later acquired by Ralph Beatty in 1975.

From its humble beginnings as a machine shop, Orchem designed and built pumps, pumping systems, sampling equipment and peripherals for boiler systems and other industrial processes. Being a veteran, Ralph Beatty used his experience and knowledge to provide quality components to the US Navy, as well as other government sectors.

Over the years Orchem has expanded into a family owned and operated business. While still providing the pumping systems and sampling equipment they are known for, they have also become an industry leader in the field of vapor phase odor control. Designing and building custom high pressure systems for a wide range of applications in use all across the US.

Orchems vast experience and knowledge of open and closed loop water systems allowed their service department to grow. Orchems team of trained technicians offer professional hygienic cleaning, preventative maintenance, repairs and water treatment services for industrial cooling towers, HVAC, potable and utility water systems. 

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