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Cooling towers, being open to the elements are susceptible to a wide range of environmental contaminates, biological growth and buildup of scaling. This can not only lower the units operational efficiency and life span, but it is also increases the risk for hazardous bacteria, especially Legionella. Even the best water treatment systems cannot prevent this from happening 100% of the time. Luckily, Orchems team of trained technicians are here to help.

Every cooling tower cleaning begins and ends with a thorough evaluation and safety check. We will inspect your towers current condition as well as look for things that may become a problem during work or in the future. We will work closely with you to develop what we call a Tower Management Plan, a plan of action to keep your cooling tower in compliance and operating at its peak efficiency. Together we will help decide the best course in which to apply the plan.

Cooling water should always be tested prior to any servicing performed. Treatment of harmful bacteria may be necessary before AND after cleaning in order to ensure a safe working environment for employees as well as any bystanders, depending on the tower location.

Once the evaluation and safety checks are complete, we take into consideration what works best for your facility and coordinate for work to be performed. During and after the process of cleaning the cooling tower, we will take pictures and document all steps performed. These records will be provided upon completion. 

Orchem offers night and weekend services to help accommodate working hours, plant shut downs and other special needs. We also have the ability to clean some cooling towers while still online. This requires greater care and the use of a specialized inline filtration system but can lessen impact of downtime to some industries.

Safety of Orchem employees as well as yours, is our number one priority. While it is unusual, if at any time during the process an issue of safety comes up, we will contact you to evaluate the situation and determine the best course to move forward. 

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Cooling tower maintenance often gets overlooked, but it is a very important aspect of ensuring that your cooling tower runs at its peak efficiency, safely and for as long as possible. Without regular inspections and routine maintenance, cooling towers can break down quickly, which could lead to unplanned downtime, expensive repairs and even the possibility of having to replace the cooling tower. By performing maintenance regularly, you can actually save money in the long run. A clean, efficient tower that is working properly can not only lower your energy costs but will preserve the life of your cooling tower, helping it to last years and sometimes decades longer than it should.

So what goes into properly maintaining a cooling tower?

The first step is a visual inspection of the tower to locate any issues or concerns. This includes checking all mechanical systems for broken or worn components that can cause the tower to function less efficiently and could lead to even larger repairs if left unattended. After identifying any problem areas, a thorough cleaning should be performed. This will remove the unwanted material that normally builds up in the distribution manifolds, fill, basin and drift eliminators and allow for a further in-depth inspection. Finally, once everything is cleaned, an expert should lubricate motors, pumps, fans bearings, adjust belt tension and address any repairs that may be necessary. While cleanings are generally performed bi-annually, it is recommended that routine maintenance be performed at least once every quarter. A cooling tower that is maintained on a regular basis will operate more efficiency and have an increased life span. This will not only lower energy usage but can also help to avoid premature failures and costly repairs.

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Cooling Towers: Services


Even the most well-maintained cooling towers will eventually have components wear out or even break. Worn bearings, cracked fan belts, misaligned nozzles or damaged and broken fill can all have a huge impact of the efficiency and longevity of your cooling tower. While our goal is to identify these problems and fix them before they become a costly emergency, sometimes that can't be avoided. Orchems team of trained technicians are here to help with that too. Whether you need a whole tower rebuilt, new fan motor or just a quick belt adjustment, we've got you covered. We work directly with cooling tower manufacturers to get factory OEM parts quickly and get your tower up and running in a timely manner.

Thru our business partners we offer complete refurbishing, replacement or new installation of cooling towers, and even spare parts. Orchem has the experience, knowledge and ability to provide anything your cooling tower needs.

We service all makes and models including BAC, Marley and Evapco

Cooling Towers: Services
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Cooling Towers: Image
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